Influence Indonesia'S Economic Growth, Inflation, And Exports



  • Selvi Putri Dwi Ismania Faculty of Economics and Business, Jember University,Indonesia


Growth Economy , Inflation , Exports


Indonesia's economic growth is influenced by several factors, including inflation and exports. In this study, we have reviewed data from 2000 to 2020. We use autoregressive vector data analysis which can be used to determine the relationship between Indonesia's economic growth variables and inflation and exports. This basis is used to analyze economic growth, inflation, and exports in Indonesia with reference to data from the world bank and international transparency. We find that economic growth in Indonesia can increase due to several factors including in terms of the performance of human resources, technology, and international trade on exports. Economic growth in Indonesia will also decrease if there is a lot of unemployment by the Indonesian people themselves and the government. Carry out a monetary policy so that Indonesia's economic growth will increase.