How a Motivated and Supportive Workplace Affects Productivity



  • Mahendra Dinata STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia
  • Anis Dwiastanti STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia


Motivation, Work Environment, Employee Performance, Multiple Regression


Workplace factors and employee motivation at Khabiya Wedding Organiser are the focus of this research. Employee performance was the dependent variable, whereas intrinsic factors like work atmosphere and motivation were the chosen independent variables. This study utilizes quantitative approaches, namely multiple regression models. The study sample consisted of 33 employees, who were representative of the research population. According to the results, both individual and group performance are positively and significantly affected by factors including work environment and motivation. The inference is that individuals who possess high levels of motivation and operate within a favorable work environment will deliver exemplary service and fulfill the needs of clients. Consequently, researchers advise Khabiya Wedding Organiser to enhance elements that impact employee motivation and work environment, including awards, incentives, training, facilities, and communication.