The Influence of Economic Literacy, Self-Control and Lifestyle on Student Consumption Behavior (Case Study of STIE Indocakti Malang Students)



  • Andik Wahyudi STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia
  • Himawan Arif S STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia
  • Nurtjahja Juniarsa STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia
  • Yudhi Anggoro STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia
  • Setiya Adi Waluyo STIE Indocakti Malang, Indonesia


Economic Literacy, Self-Control, Lifestyle and Consumption Behavior.


Consumptive behavior is people's tendency to consume without limits. The individual's tendency to prioritize emotional factors rather than rational actions. They prioritize their wants rather than their needs. Economic literacy is a useful tool for changing behavior to become smarter. Students are a group of individuals who have a lifestyle that takes attitudes based more on emotions. This research aims to confirm the relationship between economic literacy, self-control and lifestyle on students' consumptive behavior. Through quantitative research, this research used a simple random sample based on the Slovin formula with 111 STIE Indocakti students as respondents. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires via Google forms. The data analysis technique uses Multiple Linear Regression with the help of SPSS for completion. The results of the research show that there is a negative influence between economic literacy and self-control on students' consumptive behavior, while lifestyle has a positive influence on students' consumptive behavior.