E-Recruitment Effectiveness (Case Study In Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises)



  • Nela Andriyani Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Usman Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia


E-Recruitment, Effectiveness, Method


E-recruitment, the online employee recruitment process, has gained widespread adoption across various organizations, from small-sized businesses to large enterprises like CV Gajah Print and Kebab Mas Boss franchise. This research aims to comprehend the e-recruitment process, compare it with conventional methods, and assess its effectiveness. The study employs a descriptive research approach with a qualitative perspective involving data collection and direct observation. Descriptive research seeks to address issues by depicting the state of affairs, objects/subjects, and actual conditions during the research. E-recruitment implementation offers cost, time, and effectiveness advantages in reaching high-quality candidates. However, companies should be mindful that effectively selecting candidates who match the required characteristics and abilities may necessitate additional methods, such as in-person interviews or skill assessments.