The The Future of Human Work and The Knowledge Economy



  • Eny Lestari Widarni STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang
  • Cahya Budhi Irawan STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang
  • Sri Harnani STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang
  • Diah Rusminingsih STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang
  • Muhamad Mukhlis STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang


Internet Technology Literacy, Unemployment, Education, Job Participation


This study examines and investigates internet technology literacy, unemployment, education, and job participation in Indonesia to understand the role of education in human work in the future. This study took 21 years, from 2000 to 2020 by modeling "autoregressive vectors" to understand the causal relationship between variables. This research is based on secondary data from the world bank and we use the variables of internet literacy, job participation, education, and unemployment in Indonesia. We found that technological developments are proven not to be significantly related to unemployment as long as education and work participation accompany technological developments. This is not surprising because the loss of type of work due to the emergence of technology has given birth to new jobs that are more diverse so that unemployed workers as long as they are willing to upgrade themselves following technological developments can switch to new jobs.