Analysis of The Effect of Human Development Index on Economic Growth, Poverty and Investment in Riau Province

Wenny Ramadhani


Abstract : The high human development index in Indonesia is an indicator that the quality of human productivity in Riau Province is categorized as good,
but the economic growth rate is still low and tends to be negative, the level of poverty is high and investment is low. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is an effect of the human development index on the rate of economic growth, poverty and investment in Riau Province. The data used are secondary data from 2011-2019 using the Eviews analysis tool which shows that the human development index and the rate of economic growth have a significant negative effect by having a probability of 0.002 while the human development index variable has a significant positive effect on investment and there is no intermediate influence human development index
on poverty.

Keywords : HDI, economic growth rate, poverty and investment

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