Science Development of Psychology and Economics in Business - A Systematic Literature Review


  • Alejandra García-Ochoa Mora School Of Life And Wellness,Spain
  • Suryaning Bawono STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang, Indonesia


Science Development, Psychology,Economics,Business,A Systematic Literature Review


This study aims to investigate the relationship between psychology and economics.This study uses a
qualitative systematic literature review method by using the snowball technique in finding the truth
using a literature review that is collected systematically.We found that the development of economics
and psychology develops to form a slice of scientific discipline in the fields of economics and
psychology. The development of economic research is colored by the study of psychology so that many
branches of slices and theories develop that involve the psychology side in studying economic
phenomena and understanding economic phenomena so that economic studies develops with
psychology as a color for understanding economic phenomena that occur by paying attention to humans
as economic actors. and pay attention to humans as humans who have the soul and motivation to take
economic actions that cannot be explained in a materialistic approach but require a humanist approach
and an understanding of the human spirit