Cost Competitiveness and Structural Changes of The Hospitality Sector in Europe


  • Amaury Capdeville Chapuzet Lycée Polyvalent Jean Monnet, France
  • Bambang Hadi Prabowo STIE Jaya Negara Tamansiswa Malang, Indonesia


Cost Competitiveness,Structural Changes,Hospitality Sector, Europe


We investigated 120 hotels in 5 European countries to collect data for the 2010-2020 time period. The
cost of labor and human capital is an important indicator of the competitiveness of the hospitality
industry. We analyze human capital from work or performance. We use the Input-Output to measure
performance.Based on the results of the regression and analysis, it can be seen that from 5 countries
there are centers of tourism and high hospitality competitiveness, namely France and Spain. This
difference in competitiveness affects the occupation of the hotel and the performance of the hotel
business. The labor factor also follows based on the center of tourist attraction in 5 countries.