Critical Analysis of the Organizational Framework of the Discipline-Based Economics Education Program in Indonesia

Refina Sawitri, Eny Lestari Widarni


Abstract: There is ample evidence to suggest that economics education should be built on a multidisciplinary basis, including technology-based and non-technology-based, to help graduates work with cross-disciplinary economic issues in a multi-cultural environment. Therefore, if a variety of different disciplines supports a study program in Economics, the benefits of economics education are integrating multidisciplinary academic resources and improving quality and efficiency. To facilitate economic science education that is supported by multi-disciplinary disciplines. This study investigates the organisational framework of economic science education programs at universities and colleges of economics or tertiary institutions in Indonesia. This study finds that the administrative framework for economic science education in Indonesia is similar and generally accepted and does not support the scientific potential of across disciplines.

Keywords: Academic organization, economics education, multi-disciplinary, Indonesia

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